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GARAGEBAND for beginners + bedroom musicians 
Wednesday 11th March 2020
19:00 - 20:30
Studio November, Sheffield City Centre 
  • £20  £15 (last few remaining)

 Learn to: 
- Put together a mega-cheap home recording setup
- Use GarageBand (Mac/iOS) for recording your guitar/bass/vocals/panpipes
- Build a virtual pedalboard + learn to use FX
- Release your work on Bandcamp/Spotify/Apple Music
* Plus get our exclusive Ouija discounts on home recording gear 

Learn to use GarageBand in a super relaxed, casual environment.  Beginners + late bloomers welcome.

 Disclaimer: you won’t be asked to play an instrument in front of strangers in this workshop, because yikes. 

Tailored to be budget friendly by thrifty bedroom diy musicians!